Day One Value

Day One Value

Suzanne Ross is a market leadership strategist who collaborates with companies and executives to identify, articulate and concisely communicate their value. She takes an entrepreneurial “make it happen” approach connecting decades of experience, resources and a vast network to help businesses and professionals build market leadership that demonstrates their distinctive benefits and communicates impact.

A Fine-Tuned Strategy Approach

Early musical training and years performing as a cellist were more than a rehearsal for Suzanne’s business success. Listening, interpreting, communicating in harmony, leading, following and teamwork compose the foundation of her creative problem solving. Hundreds of organizations and executives benefit from Suzanne’s business insights, perspectives and approach to transforming leadership and advancing missions. From preparing for and integrating mergers, acquisitions and partnerships to launching blockbuster products, enhancing reputations, handling crisis and mentoring professionals through business challenges and careers paths, clients say Suzanne is known for asking the right clarifying questions, galvanizing strategy and positioning, and collaborating with senior leaders to accelerate growth.

Communicating Value

Lack of understanding, information and relevance to what’s important leads to serious business problems. Communication is a powerful way to overcome these challenges. Laying marketing foundations, building and running departments and progressing from senior company roles to global consulting firms and on to chief marketing officer, Suzanne witnessed firsthand the frustration of companies and their leaders to define and communicate value. With the creation of her consulting practice The Aerie Company, and other subsequent executive roles, she has put to work more than two decades of communications experience to help organizations build concise market leadership and soar beyond expectations. To support the chaperones of market leading companies, Suzanne also connects services and coaching for rising and seasoned executives to hone strategy and communication, improve management and leadership potential, build personal market leadership and work through professional transitions.

A Commitment to Market Leadership

Suzanne believes that becoming and remaining a market leader requires a commitment to lifelong learning, knowledge sharing and a pay it forward attitude. She continues to broadening her communications expertise, earning awards for innovation, combining brand strategy and executive coaching credentials with other resources to help others build their market leadership. A master motivator, she devotes energy to promoting best practices, mentoring, coaching and remaining active with industry organizations including the Women’s Business Leadership in the U.S. Healthcare Industry Foundation, Healthcare Business Women’s Association and others. Additionally she gives back to numerous charitable organizations committed to cancer, mental health, AIDS, education and the arts.


Clients say Suzanne “understands our competition, how to competitively position and package us and, ultimately, how to get the message out to our most important audiences.” Overwhelmingly, executives express their appreciation for how she helps clearly and consistently present them AND create the action plan to soar with Day One value.