Here’s how clients and colleagues describe Suzanne’s value. For additional insights and endorsements, go to Suzanne’s LinkedIn Profile.


Suzanne is well recognized for her expertise in building powerful programs to advance organizational missions, business objectives and brands. Long before an emphasis on consumer engagement became the norm in the healthcare industry, I had the opportunity to work with Suzanne as she was leading integrated marketing campaigns to drive action among individuals, providers, advocacy organizations, foundations, healthcare services and corporations. Her work consistently reflected a deep understanding—both intuitive and research-based—of how to effectively reach and unite these key stakeholders in ways that inspired them to take action. Importantly, I found her to be quite adept at translating complicated science, conflicting agendas and complex regulatory environments into clear, actionable messages that the public could understand and, in many cases, rally around.

Over the last two decades Suzanne has played a major role in helping raise public awareness and inspire stakeholder action through numerous national initiatives aimed at significant healthcare issues, including those for cancer (breast, prostate and lung), urban asthma and wellness. These programs have attracted widespread attention and industry awards, and, most importantly, supported better healthcare decision making.
– Kathryn Beiser, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications, Hilton Worldwide


Suzanne helped us in several key areas from understanding the competitive landscape to our message to investors and analysts. Our new executive leadership team was well experienced in healthcare services when we joined the company, however we arrived with little industry sub-sector knowledge. Under Suzanne’s leadership we arrived at our differentiated position, packaging our company in a distinctive way so that it communicated effectively why we were unique and the benefits we delivered to our stakeholders. The results were consistent double digit revenue and profit growth, plus industry recognition for our efforts.
– Jack Clark, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer, NovaMed


I’ve worked with Suzanne for more than ten years and rarely encountered anyone who so thoroughly immerses themselves in the client’s business, their industry and their culture. Given that most people at her level have begun to narrow their expertise, I’m in awe how she covers the senior-level thinking so effortlessly. She naturally shifts between strategic and long-term planning, to working with senior executives to steer and build their job performance, to developing an effective communications plan to support the business goals.
– Andy Eklund, Managing Partner at Aqus


I consider Suzanne the most trusted and inspirational role models in my career. She exemplifies leadership and has a sound base in developing and implementing strategy. She is skilled in issues management and positioning clients for success. I always look forward to working with Suzanne as she is a master at her craft.
– Eleanor Wallin, Vice President at GolinHarris